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Business Planning and Real Estate


Services to business clients include assisting in selecting the type of organizational entity under which to operate, preparation of contracts, the sale and purchase of business and dissolution.

I am pleased to offer to form a Corporation, Limited Liability Company, Partnership or Limited Partnership to fit your needs and desires. I often recommend a Shareholder’s Agreement for shareholders of a corporation if there is more than one shareholder. Defining who is to be responsible for which tasks at the beginning can help clarify a business plan or point out “holes” in a plan. I’ve found that the risk of discord is reduced significantly if all shareholders know what the deal is, and agree to it.

Real Property

Real Property transactions for individuals, family or partners use often require legal assistance for contract or escrow instruction review. There may be disputes between owners regarding their respective rights and liabilities, boundary disputes or the characterization of property as community, separate or mixed.

Property transactions for business entities, formal or implied (e.g. joint ventures), require similar analysis as described in the paragraph above together with an entity or organizational analysis in order to determine what action is necessary or advisable.

Other Business and Real Estate Services

Reviews and Disputes

Disputes are discussed in following pages. The review of documents generally calls for discussion of determining the application of documents to a particular event or plan, or the necessity of changing or replacing existing documents to changing circumstances. We are well-versed and creative in such reviews.


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