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The primary goal and purpose of the mediation process is to resolve a dispute between two or more people led by a mediator whose function is to assist and control the process and to search for means of achieving enough peace to allow the parties to put their dispute behind them. It is the only dispute resolution process, except unassisted negotiation, that keeps the ultimate resolution of a dispute in the control of the parties themselves.

The alternatives, litigation and arbitration, transfer control to a third party who can only (1) award or deny a sum of money, (2) decree the rights of the parties viz-a-vis each other, or (3) order one or more parties to do, or stop doing, something. In most cases the judge or arbitrator will not even have all three powers. In mediation the resolution is limited only by the parties' creativity.

As a mediator I work hard to assist parties and their counsel to focus and reduce their anxiety so as to better assess their positions and most important objectives. Where appropriate I will help the parties understand the limited practicalities to be overcome or accepted. Where there is an ongoing relationship between the parties, sharing the perceptions of each with the other can assist in not only reaching a resolution of the dispute being mediated, but also generate a basis for resurrection of the relationship.

I have been involved, actively and productively, in hundreds of cases as a mediator, a party to the mediation, or the attorney for one or more parties since the mid-1980s. I will serve as your mediator or be your attorney in a mediation. Some details are stated on the Resume page.


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